Brand Identity
Daniela Gutiérrez • Psychologist
 Brief: Create a Brand Identity System - Logo - a face profile that signifies a female/male face. Colour Palette - RAW. Typography - elegant - and additional stationery elements.

We knew we wanted to incorporate the silhouette of a face. However, we understood from the get-go it was a cliché. Therefore, I went on to design an innovative and idiosyncratic brandmark that departed from the standard Logos related to her field that I saw online. In other words, I had to come up with a symbol that transcends uniqueness.

My first impulse was to create a minimalist face profile without fill and that notion became the basis for the final artwork. My first question was - how could I turn a simple concept into a brandmark that symbolises human complexity?

I began to play with the idea of twisted lines waved together. The result was perfect chaos evolving into perfect symmetry.

Then I developed a RAW colour-palette for her brand. I quickly fell in love with it. That colour-palette became the genesis of her entire brand system. When I placed the finished artwork over a skin colour background it became the perfect marriage.

Everything else came together thanks to that combination-

“Gracias por tu profesionalidad, se ve la calidad en el trabajo que desempeñas y eso es lo que buscaba.” 

- Daniela Gutiérrez - Psicóloga General Sanitaria 
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